Celebrating Filipino Craftmanship

From weaving to carving, embroidery, to shell inlay, the Philippines has a rich craft heritage rooted in age-old techniques, mastered, and has been passed on through generations. We hope to share the stories behind every piece, and showcase the talent of skilled artisans who make them.

Designed for Longevity

Buy once and love forever...

We believe in products that will age well and tell their story. Our products are made with traditional techniques and high-quality natural materials, offering a unique depth of textures and colors that will evolve over time.

A long-lasting product is also a more sustainable product, so we aim to offer products that go beyond trends. We believe that a product should be designed to bring its owner years of joy and value.

Sustainable Natural Materials

Our products are made with natural materials such as abaca, rattan, buri, bamboo, and different types of natural fibre. The preservation of the natural environment is deeply ingrained in the ethos of the brands and artisans with whom we collaborate, and they ensure that raw materials are sustainable.

Empowering communities

Anahaw Studio aims to support the preservation of heritage crafts and help enable artisans to create sustainable livelihoods through traditional heritage skills.

We work with communities that follow Fair Trade principles and set their own prices, that way having access to sustainable employment. The cooperatives also preserve the local culture and their natural environment, something that is deeply rooted in their principles.